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Gastonia Criminal Defense Attorney Qualifications


As a criminal defense lawyer in Gastonia who practices exclusively in Gaston County, North Carolina, I have the experience and knowledge needed to zealously represent my clients by disposing of their matters in the most advantageous way possible.  From District Attorneys to Judges, I have become quite learned on the policies and procedures of the Gaston County Court system.  When an individual obtains a traffic citation or a criminal charge in North Carolina, that individual will want an attorney who is fluent in North Carolina law and procedures; however, wouldn’t that individual benefit even more by choosing an attorney who has spent years working in the same courthouse with the same District Attorneys, Judges, clerks, and police officers?  I believe this qualification in an attorney (point to Attorneys) is vital to effectively representing a client.

Since 1997, I have practiced exclusively in Gaston County, North Carolina.  I know our District Attorney and his assistants well.  Our Judges have been on the bench for several years and I have had the privilege to stand before each and every one of them many times.  I pride myself with having an excellent working relationship with our local law enforcement and our clerks.  In fact, it is because of my relationships and ability to work with all the members of the Gaston County Court system that led me to open my own practice in Gaston County.


Though the laws of North Carolina are all the same, the implementation of those laws could vary from county to county, depending on the policies of each District Attorney.  Therefore, for example, if you are charged with a speeding ticket in Gaston County  and you receive another ticket for the same offense in Mecklenburg County, it is likely that you will not have the same options regarding the disposition of each ticket.  This is true with Judges as well.  What your punishment may be in one county is likely different from what it would be in another county, even though you are charged with the same offense.  My point is simple, why would you hire a traffic attorney who mostly practices in Mecklenburg County to represent you for a ticket in Gaston County?  Are you certain that the attorney knows all of the policies of the District Attorney in Gaston County?  Does the Mecklenburg County attorney know what the Judges are likely to do to you in Gaston County?  Are you paying an attorney more in fees because they must travel several miles to another county?  What costs the attorney more: driving 30 miles to another county or walking a couple of blocks from his office to the courthouse?  Obviously, the attorney who drives 30 miles has more costs in gas and parking.  So who pays for these additional costs, the attorney or you?  And if you hire the attorney in Mecklenburg County to go to Gaston County because he charges less than the Gaston County attorney charges, are you confident that the attorney from Mecklenburg County is putting in the time and energy that you deserve in order to obtain for you the best possible outcome to your case? Or is the Mecklenburg County attorney simply taking the first plea that is offered because it means that he has less time in the case?

Remember, attorneys sell time; that is our product.  The less time we spend on a case, the more profit we earn.  So is that low attorney fee possibly costing you more down the road because you did not receive a thorough representation from the less expensive attorney?  So why hire an attorney who practices exclusively in the county that you received your ticket or criminal charge from?  The answer is simple: I know what reductions are available for every traffic offense and, as important; I know what reductions are not available.  I know what court costs and fines my clients can expect to pay at the disposition of their case and I can advise you on what can be expected from our resident Judges.  During our initial consultation, which is free and can be done over the telephone in most cases, I can answer questions about possible costs, fines, punishments, points on licenses (North Carolina licenses only), insurance points (North Carolina residents only), suspensions, and possible jail time.

Reasons For Traffic Citation Attorneys

Why do you even need a lawyer for your criminal or traffic offense? An example I like to give is when a nonresident of North Carolina obtains a speeding ticket on Interstate 85 in Gaston County, North Carolina.  Though I cannot advise as to what may happen to them in their home state due to my being licensed to practice criminal law in North Carolina; I can inform them of their likely plea options, chances of succeeding at trial, what their court costs and fines would likely be, whether or not I can dispose of their ticket without them needing to appear in court, how their ticket will affect them in North Carolina (a nonresident of North Carolina could have their driving privileges suspended in North Carolina even though they do not have a North Carolina driver license), whether they are in danger of an active sentence (jail), and other important information.

However, the most important tidbit that I can share with you at this time, especially if you are a nonresident of North Carolina, is that if you obtain a traffic citation and then decide that since you do not live in North Carolina you can simply ignore the ticket, well think again. The vast majority of states are now on the same system and when you obtain a ticket in a state that is not your home state and you fail to dispose of that ticket, your home state will likely suspend your driver license or refuse to renew your driver license until you dispose of the ticket that you failed to appear on. This particular situation happens quite frequently and I receive many calls from nonresidents of North Carolina who have an old traffic ticket in Gaston County that they simply ignored and now their home state refuses to issue them a new driver license.

Whether this scenario is one that you find yourself in or you have recently obtained a traffic ticket or a criminal charge in Gaston County, North Carolina, please consider contacting myself or any other Gaston County attorney to at least get the answers that you deserve.  Simply assuming that you can dispose of a matter without legal representation could end up resulting in loss of money, driver license, and even your freedom.  If you decide to contact me, please be assured that when our conversation is completed, you will have a better understanding of what challenges await you, what rights you have, what options you can expect, and the kind of representation you deserve.

I look forward to answering your questions and assisting you with your matters.


Scott R. Rosenberg
Attorney at Law
The Law Office of Scott R. Rosenberg, P.A. serves clients in Gastonia and throughout Gaston County in North Carolina.

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